Autopilot Forex Bot with Auto Compound System. 100% profit is yours.

Looking for an Automatic Gold Trading Robot controlled 24 hours by the IT team of the company that can generate 10% to 20% consistent profit every month with an affordable price and 100% profit for the investor (without profit sharing) with the sophisticated AUTO COMPOUND System?

About Us Excellece

System that works automatically to make money for 24 hours without doing anything or understanding any trading strategy. Start now or you will miss it forever.

Very easy to do even if you are a beginner.

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Autotrade Gold Forex Robot is designed with the latest market condition with a built-in logic that has a very high accuracy. This bot works only on XAU/USD (Gold) pair with the following conditions:

  • Single position on XAU/USD
  • Work target per day is 0.5% to 3%, with the maximum stop loss is 3%
  • Bot will only have 1 transaction per day if the result is PROFIT.
  • Should the first transaction’ result is LOSS, Bot will do a Recovery transaction from the first transaction. Despite the result (either LOSS or PROFIT), Bot will stop trading and will continue in the next day.

The Autotrade Gold Trading Robot is designed for those of you..

  • Who are a professional trader or a beginner trader who do not master any trading techniques
  • Who want to make an automatic profit everyday
  • Who wants the convenience of making profit 24 hours non-stop.
  • Who want a passive income through forex industry even if you are on holiday
  • Who want to have a side business that does not interfere your main business

Our Excellence

  Quick transaction

Transaction takes under 3 minutes on average. We do not have to wait longer to see if the transaction is profitable.

  No Monthly Additional Fees

No additional fees, all fees already included when you buy the EA Autotrade Gold (applies for Lifetime).

  Super Strict Risk Management

EA Autotrade Gold is focusly looking for 0.5% to 3% every day with a 3% maximum loss.

  Quick Deposit and Withdraw

A very quick deposit and withdrawal process, the transaction can be done in the same day.

  Using STP/ECN Broker

Brokers never take another side of a client's trades and leave the risk to the liquidity provider. There is no Dealing Ddesk Brokerage.

  No Withdrawal limit

You can withdraw the funds in your account anytime, the company does not lock customer funds, EA Autotrade Gold will keep running with a $100 minimum balance.

Trading Performance

Profit Total




Day #


Autotrade Gold Bot Prices

Autotrade Gold Forex Robot applies lifetime (One-time paid only)

Level 1

$ 100

  • Trading capacity
    $100 – $500
  • Auto Compound
    0,01 Lot – 0,05 Lot
Level 2

$ 200

  • Trading capacity
    $100 – $5.000
  • Auto Compound
    0,01 Lot – 0,5 Lot
Level 3

$ 500

  • Trading capacity
    $100 – $30.000
  • Auto Compound
    0,01 Lot – 3 Lot
Level 4

$ 2.500

  • Trading capacity
    $100 – $1.000.000
  • Auto Compound
    0,01 Lot – 100 Lot
Level 5

$ 3.500

  • Trading capacity
    $100 – $10.0000.000
  • Auto Compound
    0,01 Lot – 1.000 Lot

Deposit Rate IDR 15,000 per USD and Withdraw IDR 14,000 per USD. For upgrading EA to the next level, only need to pay the difference.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Autopilot Forex Trading Robot (Expert Advisor) is a software or algorithm script that can be added to the forex trading platform with the purpose that the application can be automatically run or do the buy and sell transaction without manual instruction from the user.

To start the Autotrade Gold business, you only need to buy EA Level 1 Package for IDR 1,500,000.00 and a deposit of IDR 1,500,000 (equivalent to 100 USD). So with a fund of IDR 3,000,000 (equivalent to 200 USD) you can start the business.

Nothing! This EA will automatically run fully controlled by the Company’s IT team. The only thing you need to do is monitor the system from your smartphone and withdraw the profit every day.

There is no additional fee anymore, all fees are included when you are buying an EA Autotrade Gold package (EA Autotrade Gold applies lifetime)

You can withdraw either partially or completely of your funds in a brokerage account anytime. Maximum Withdrawal is $2000/day for reguler account, The company will not lock your funds and your funds 100% are under your control. Should you want EA Autotrade Gold to keep running, 100 USD needs to be left in your account.

Our company commits to process all the withdrawal that has been made before 3 p.m. at the latest before 9 p.m. on the same day (the timing will depend on the number of queues).

You can contact us anytime on our WhatsApp with number:

What do they say about Autotrade Gold

True Network Entrepreneurs

Autotrade Gold really helped me during the pandemic, my business didn't grow, but I can still develop Autotrade Gold through my network.

State Civil Apparatus

As an SCA, I have a very extraordinary experience here. Hopefully Autotrade Gold will continue to grow and prosper its members with consistent profit every month.

General employees

Autotrade Gold Is The Best. 100% of our profit, no profit sharing, deposit rate and WD are also good. everything is fast. Good luck and consistent profit for Autotrade Gold.

Administration Staff

I often trade forex manually, it is very difficult to get consistent profit, but once I use Autotrade Gold I can finally feel a consistent profit from the forex trading business.

Interested in becoming a partner?

You have the potential to develop a business in Autotrade Gold 4.0. There is a long-term bonus that you never get in the Other Business.
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  • Robot Sales Bonus / Sales Transaction.
  • Rebate Bonus per lot and per transaction every day.

This opportunity can not be missed! Here will change the way you make money easily and consistently.



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